Friday, September 19, 2008

Tribune Story on the Arizona Marriage Amendment

The Mesa Tribune had an on-line article about the debate heating up over Proposition 102, the Arizona Marriage Amendment. To read about it:

Once again the comments ranged primarily to name calling. However, there were a few comments that noted the strategy of the opposition; to turn the real issue into a bash of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is amazing that the comments from the opposition entirely ignored the lead of the story. To quote:

"More than 800 pastors, mostly evangelical Christian clergy, gathered at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix Thursday to hear how important they will be in getting their parishioners and the state's voters to make marriage limited to one man and one woman."

From the tone of the opposition, they would have you believe that churches, particularly the Mormons, don't have the right to participate in public debate. Why else would a former LDS member hold a news conference in front of a Mormon Temple? Tell that to the religious refugees who founded our country, my own ancestors that left England for religious freedom. Just because I believe your alternative lifestyle is immoral does not give you the right to deny me the freedom to voice my opinions.

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  1. I could only make it through a few comments to that article before I had to stop; people are just too hateful. One thing I don't understand is how so many people think that the LDS or Catholic Churches are trying to make laws. I guess churches are given voting rights? There's a little too much anthropomorphism going on. Why is it okay for non-religious people to vote according to their "faith" but religious people cannot? They can legislate their morals but not allow religious people to legislate theirs? There's an awful lot of hypocrisy going on.