Friday, November 21, 2008

Please read this very insightful commentary

This is an excellent analysis of the anti-Proposition 8 and anti-LDS Church position. I should be read and disseminated.


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  1. The Mormons Stole Our Rights website has an anonymous registry for its contact information linked to another anonymous web hosting site. I suspect, with all of the double blind secrecy behind the website, that this site was created and is maintained, not by gay rights activists, but by professional anti-Mormons. A cursory analysis of the language on the website also strongly typifies current anti-Mormon techniques and literature. I conclude that the pro gay attitude of the website is a facade. It is, in this case, an anti-Mormon treatise under the guise of gay rights published to libel and defame the Mormon church. Such libelous and defamatory websites break the legal regulations of anonymous hosting sites and should be reported and shut down.