Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What about my credentials?

In response to a recent post, a reader made the following comment:
I suppose it's fitting that a post about "trivialization" would early on include the phrase "so-called gay rights movement" ... but then you quickly move on from trivialization to demonization ("... all but destroyed the concept of civil rights in America"? Really?). Just curious, James, but what are your credentials when it comes to defending civil rights of any kind?
My first thought was whether or not the reader had read the post at all, or was merely making a stock comment. I had to think a while about why my "credentials" in "defending civil rights" had anything to do with my commentary. Apparently, if you oppose same-sex marriage and Gay Rights you have to have credentials to have an opinion? Then I began to wonder if the person writing the comment, who identified himself by a Hispanic name, had any "credentials?" Perhaps you need credentials to make comments about civil rights also?

After more thought, I decided. Here are my credentials:

I believe the Bible to be the word of God and I believe in the teaching of God's prophets anciently as well as in the latter days.

I wonder if the commentator has taught Constitutional Law? I have. I wondered if the commentator has over 34 years of trial experience in state and Federal Courts? I do. I could go on, but I also wonder about the relevancy of credentials. Aren't we back to the same old tactic of the Gay Rights movement? If you support Gay Rights you have First Amendment Rights but if you oppose Gay Rights, you have no right to speak at all. I think that is what the commentator is really trying to say about the so-called Gay Rights movement.

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  1. I get asked the same question about my credentials and/or qualifications. When I point out that I am a college professor, then my graduate school gets called into question (UCLA). That doesn't satisfy either, so I get the kind of comment such as: "If you were a real professor then you would...." It's a never ending cycle, especially with the anti-religious secularist like Chino Blanco.