Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gay Rights -- a cascading tyranny of nihilistic hedonism

Gay Rights is a movement masking its true objectives behind a facade of equality. Support from outside the Gay community for so-called Gay Rights comes primarily from those who have no understanding of the history of modern radical liberalism. Couched and trained by those who grew up in the activist movements of the 1960s and 70s, those supporting the so-called Gay Rights have an agenda that is directly in opposition to all of the fundamental cultural and societal norms across the entire culture of the United States and beyond that the entire world. To quote the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto:
We will show you how we can use our righteous anger to uproot the present oppressive system with its decaying and constricting ideology, and how we, together with other oppressed groups, can start to form a new order, and a liberated lifestyle, from the alternatives which we offer.
Far from being the oppressed group they wish to portray to the media, they are as a group nothing more or less than an extension of radical liberalism. The societal institutions attacked by the Gay Rights agenda include the family, quoting again from the Manifesto:
The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family. consisting of the man in charge, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as the ideal models. The very form of the family works against homosexuality.
The schools;
In the content of education, homosexuality is generally ignored, even where we know it exists, as in history and literature. Even sex education, which has been considered a new liberal dynamic of secondary schooling, proves to be little more than an extension of Christian morality. Homosexuality is again either ignored, or attacked with moralistic warnings and condemnations. The adolescent recognising his or her homosexuality might feel totally alone in the world, or a pathologically sick wreck.
The church;
Formal religious education is still part of everyone's schooling, and our whole legal structure is supposedly based on Christianity whose archaic and irrational teachings support the family and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex. Gay people have been attacked as abominable and sinful since the beginning of both Judaism and Christianity, and even if today the Church is playing down these strictures on homosexuality, its new ideology is that gay people are pathetic objects for sympathy.
They continue with attacks on the media, employment, the law, psychiatry, to continue the quote;
But gay liberation does not just mean reforms. It means a revolutionary change in our whole society.
Not even monogamy is immune from attack by the Gay Rights advocates;
Monogamy is usually based on ownership-the woman sells her services to the man in return for security for herself and her children-and is entirely bound up in the man's idea of property furthermore in our society the monogamous couple, with or without children, is an isolated, shut-in, up-tight unit, suspicious of and hostile to outsiders.
Their goal is to indoctrinate the young to abandon any semblance of our current society;
The long-term goal of Gay Liberation, which inevitably brings us into conflict with the institutionalised sexism of this society, is to rid society of the gender-role system which is at the root of our oppression. This can only be achieved by eliminating the social pressures on men and women to conform to narrowly defined gender roles. It is particularly important that children and young people be encouraged to develop their own talents and interests and to express their own individuality rather than act out stereotyped parts alien to their nature.
Here are a few of the goals of the movement;
  • that all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end.
  • that all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feeling are perfectly valid.
  • that sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual.
  • that psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes.
  • that gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people, though newspaper ads, on the streets and by any other means they may want as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now.
  • that employers should no longer be allowed to discriminate against anyone on account of their sexual preferences.
  • that the age of consent for gay males be reduced to the same as for straight.
  • that gay people be free to hold hands and kiss in public, as are heterosexuals.
In short, the goals of the Gay Rights movement include the utter destruction of our entire society. Remaking that society into a system where deference to "sexual preference" overrules every other consideration. Even if I were sympathetic to some of the goals of the Gay Rights movement, which I am not, I would still reject a stated goal that would undermine and destroy my own beliefs and cultural background in the name of someone's claim of a right to have a personal sexual orientation. I will not do that and I will not accept any such attack on my religious, cultural, legal and societal beliefs.

In my next post I will address the issue of the impact of these goals on the American legal system.


  1. Wow. You certainly won't win any friends in the gay community by exposing their attacks on civil rights for what they are. How can you top this? The manifesto says gay activists are doing exactly what conservatives are saying what gay activists are doing.

  2. I wonder if the psychiatrists and other "experts" who are responsible for removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders about 30 years ago have seen this. A competent and unbiased psychiatrist would definitely have a lot to work with here.

  3. On second thought, the "experts" who removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders most likely helped draft this manifesto.