Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Myth of Gay Civil Rights

What is the origin of same-sex gender attraction? Is it an inherent condition determined from birth and unalterable? Does it have a cause? Or is it a series of choice made by an individual? How many people actually have the condition? Answer these and many other questions and you may be on the way to determining one of the basic requirements of the groups' so-called civil rights, that is the definition of the protected class. Without an answer to these and the many other related questions, there is no definition of the protected class and therefore any claim to civil rights is based upon a myth.

A myth is a fictional tale that attempts to explain the causes of natural phenomena. It is also a traditional story accepted as fact. Both of these definitions apply to the modern phenomena of "Gay Civil Rights."

To illustrate, look at the definitions of the following classes: race, national origin or ethnicity, religion, color, age, sex, familial status, disability, and veteran status. What is the difference between each of these classes and the the claimed class of "sexual orientation?" The answer is obvious and easily understood. Each of the other enumerated classes has a definition which is independent from personal choice and preference. You are either black or you are not. You are either from Mexico or you are not. However, some of the classes do have a "choice" component and in each case there is a plethora of case law determining whether a certain person is or is not a "member" of the class. [For example, examine the conscientious objector cases to illustrate some of the issues involved].

On the other hand, "sexual orientation" has no objective criteria that enables a rational determination of inclusion in a class. I anyone claims membership in the class, in the present mythological world of Gay Civil Rights, they are automatically included in the "class." There is no test, no indices, no basis whatsoever for exclusion or inclusion. Essentially we have to take the "word" of the person claiming inclusion. [For a more in depth discussion of this conundrum see this article]. Quoting from Tony Marco, "Gay militants are asking that gays be recognized as a protected class based on nothing but their unexamined word -- a development totally unprecedented in civil rights history." Article.

Gay civil rights is a myth.

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