Thursday, October 2, 2008

Media coverage heating up on Proposition 102

The East Valley Tribune ran a story with the headline:

Arizonans support ban on same-sex marriage


It is interesting to that Representative Sinema announced that the opposition is winning. It is interesting to note that the article now characterizes the Marriage Amendment as a "ban on same-sex marriage." It is also interesting to note that article on mentions "Proposition 102" once in the article and otherwise the proposition is neither quoted nor further identified except with the emotionally charged title of the article. This isn't news reporting, once again, this is propaganda.

The same article appears in the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson with the headline:

Gay-nuptials ban favored in poll; foe says it'll lose


This title is even more objectionable in a supposedly news story. It is clearly an opinion and should be labeled as such. It is reprehensible that a news organization allows this kind of propaganda to pass as news.

The articles were both written by Howard Fischer of the Capital Media Services. "Capital Media Services" is a registered trade name of the reporter, Howard Fischer who has an address in Laveen, Arizona. Capital Media Services does not appear as an organized business entity and does not appear on the Arizona Corporation Commission Website other than as a trade name. So far I have been unable to find any biographical information on Mr. Fischer.

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  1. I love your typo: "It is interesting to that Representative Sinema announced that the opposition is wining [sic]." It's a typo but it could go either way - winning or whining.

    Most news sources stopped being anything but propaganda years ago. Occasionally you can find good balanced articles but we live in a consumer society so news is written/produced for consumption and entertainment, and not necessarily for truth.