Thursday, October 16, 2008

TV ads on Proposition 102

I saw my first TV ad opposing Proposition 102 last night. The main statement was that we already had a law in Arizona and didn't need more. Also, that government has no business in the area of marriage. Lastly, they claimed that we had already voted on this issue before and with all the other important issues out there, we didn't need to be forced to vote again.

The first issue is true, but very misleading. It is true that Arizona already has laws regarding marriage, however, it is equally true that, absent a Constitutional Amendment, the Arizona Courts could overturn those laws at any time, just as was done in California and Massachusetts, and now most recently, during this campaign, in Connecticut. This strategy of the opposition is aimed at preserving their option to attack the laws in the Courts.

The second issue is pure propaganda and untrue. If government, including our judicial system, shouldn't interfere in the area of marriage, then why do the activist resort to the courts to change the law? They maintain that it is none of government's business to preserve marriage, but it certainly in the interests of the governments, i.e. the courts, to destroy it.

The last issue is even more misleading that the other two. Yes, there was a previous proposition that was defeated. No, it is not the same as Proposition 102. There is an implication that we shouldn't worry about marriage and the family because there are so many other "more important" issues out there. There are no more important issues right now, certainly none of those opposing Proposition 102 have proposed anything for this election addressing any of these more important issues. I haven't commented on any of the other ballot propositions, maybe I should, but some of them, like raising legislative salaries, have been voted and defeated in every election that I can remember. Is this one of those more important issues we should focus on rather than preserving the family and the sanctity of marriage?

Those supporting Proposition 102, the Marriage Amendment, have no hidden agenda. Read the Divine Institution of Marriage (see the sidebar) if you want to know what that agenda is.

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  1. Thanks for the nice posts. It's Massachusetts and not Florida that overturned the marriage law, by the way.