Monday, October 20, 2008

Response to the Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic in its lead editorial for Monday, October 20, 2008, came out against Proposition 102, the Marriage Amendment. It is incredible that the Arizona Republic would buy into the superficial argument that the Amendment is not needed because "the state already has a law prohibiting" same-sex marriage. I can only suppose that they didn't "buy into" the arguments, but intentionally, and knowingly, took the position it did, realizing full well that defeat of Proposition 102, will open the door to an immediate attack on the constitutionality of Arizona's existing law, just as was done in California, Massachusetts and recently, in Connecticut.

The Arizona Republic also argues that "Changing the Constitution is a very serious step that has ripple effects throughout the legal system." Why, if the law is unneeded, would Proposition 102 have ripple effects. The two positions are exactly opposite; either we already have a law or we do not have a law. If we have a law and a Constitutional Amendment is not needed, then adding the Constitutional Amendment will add nothing to the law. It is irresponsible to make a blatant double argument, and also claim that passing the unneeded law will have "unintended consequences."

One of the very intended consequences of Proposition 102 would be to prevent activists judges from declaring the current Arizona law unconstitutional. Passing a Constitutional Amendment is the only way to prevent this serious and harmful consequence.

The Arizona Republic editorial then has the audacity to decry the high divorce rate and the break-down of marriage in the United States and then claims that "Arizona could use strong advocates of marriage." Why would a "strong advocate" of marriage oppose a proposition aimed at shoring up the divine institution of marriage? It is obvious why newspapers, like the Arizona Republic have cut down the size of their print editions and are losing advertisers, they are entirely out of touch with the majority of the state.

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  1. While there are many flaws to pure logic we have far too many people in this world who completely misunderstand or ignore basic principles of logic. It's baffling. Hopefully 102 passes in AZ. I'm still not very hopeful about the proposition here in FL.