Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not teenage vandals against Proposition 102

During a discussion of the removal of a large number of signs in support of Proposition 102, a neighbor commented that he had seen an older male in a white SUV removing the signs from people's yards. The neighbor indicated that he jumped in his car and tried to get a license plate number, but the SUV driver realized he was being followed, and sped off. If you think that the removal of one type of sign from a whole street in a neighborhood is just teenage vandalism, then think again.

The news is buzzing with the story of major California corporations announcing huge donations to defeat Proposition 8. Sorry to say that Apple and Google are both prominently mentioned as opposing the Amendment. Just as with the idea that the sign removal is somehow a local prank, the idea that there are not huge vested interests promoting same-sex marriage is very, very naive. The situation reminds me of the conditions prevalent at the time of the destruction of the Nephites, where the people deliberately chose wrong doing. It is a sad commentary on our society, if we cannot muster a majority willing to support and preserve marriage.

If Arizona legalizes same-sex marriage, I, for one, will seriously consider moving out of the state.

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  1. I will never live in a state where same sex marriage is legal (unless it is unavoidable, but that would be very unlikely).

    Thanks for your nice posts.