Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proposition 102 signs vandalized

News reports of the vandalism of signs promoting Proposition 102 are definitely on the increase. Unfortunately, many of the vandalism events, including stealing the signs, go unreported. In our neighborhood, a whole street's signs disappeared. Some of the news reports come from places around the State.

In Show Low, vandals struck the Calvary Baptist church the night of Sept. 22, directing their efforts towards a sign professing the church's support for Proposition 102.


The senior pastor of the Church was quoted as saying: "It's what we're for, not what we're against," he said. "Marriage is a huge tenant of our society. And that's why you've had Catholics, Mormons and evangelicals come together and say, 'We are for what God is for and God is for marriage.'"

Here is a link to a site where the writers "cheered like crazy when we saw this vandalized sign."

Another view:

Here is the ABC News report on the vandalism:
It is interesting to read the comments.

It is also interesting that there appears to be no other systematic vandalism of any of the hundreds (thousands) (millions?) of campaign signs around the city.

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